Our mission is to create meaningful connections that empower, encourage, and support people through life, emphasising the importance of community—connection—compassion.

How we work

Tautoko Community Trust is guided by a set of values that include Christian ethos, community, collaboration, equity, compassion, and respect. We aim to act with integrity and generosity.  We strive to seek justice, respond with mercy, and honour God in everything we do. In terms of collaboration, the Trust values the role of funders in its work and partners with other groups to maximise effectiveness, sharing resources and knowledge to benefit the community.  


Our vision

The vision of Tautoko Community Trust is for a connected, self-supporting community where people are valued and experience God’s love.

Our mission

Our vision drives our mission: to create meaningful connections that encourage, empower, and support people through all stages of life.

Our Name

Tautoko is a te reo Māori word that means: to serve, to support, to encourage, to assist and give comfort. The name captures the intent behind all our endeavours and describes the hearts of our volunteers as they serve in our community.

Our values

Building community is an intentional, continuous act. We work towards a safe community that cares for its people, supports each other, stands together, and provides a sense of belonging.

As we collaborate and build community, we deepen our knowledge, expand our reach, grow our hearts, and effect change. 

We each have an innate human dignity and every person is deserving of respect. We are all valuable with our unique voices, stories, and experiences. 

Our differences add to the texture of our community.

We strive to address inequalities, remove barriers, and reduce suffering within our local community, recognizing that social transformation begins in our own backyard.

Rooted in our Christian faith, we are led and inspired by the example of Jesus. Our faith informs our direction, applying Gospel values of compassion, peace, and service.



The founding trustees of Tautoko Community Trust were members of Oasis Family Church looking for practical ways to serve others beyond a Sunday service. Tautoko Community Trust continues to share strong relational ties with Oasis Family Church while operating independently from the church.  


Ann Buckley


I’m a fifth generation Marlburian and have lived in Blenheim for most of my life. I’m a proud mother of three and am now enjoying spending time with my grandkids. Together, my husband and I run our own funeral business which we started in 2002. I’ve been a member of Oasis Family Church for twenty-four years. 

Blenheim is my home, but I love any opportunity to travel. My hobbies include fishing, swimming, and cooking. Spending time with family and friends is time well spent. It’s great to see the church being actively involved in helping different parts of the community—connecting with people and helping others in practical ways.


Logan Brown


Seven years ago, I moved from my home up north in Mangawhai to Blenheim. I work as a landscape gardener for a living, and I’ll spend most of my free time outside if I can—fishing, beekeeping, or just working in the backyard. 

My family and my faith are the two things that matter most to me. I feel strongly that everyone should have an opportunity to get into a better place than they’re in—whether that’s physical, mental, or spiritual. I believe that the Trust is a way of sharing God’s love with people as we help others who we might not normally come across in our usual day to day routine. 


Carmen Da Costa


Carmen Da Costa an experienced Community Development Coordinator, managing projects in 6 municipalities in South Africa and now taking the role of Manager at the trust in Marlborough. She is passionate about community growth and positive change. She is an excellent communicator with the ability to collaborate with key stakeholders and drive new initiatives. She thrives well working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Experienced in advocating for new projects and loves a challenge.

Carmen has been married to her husband, Lucien for 11 years and is the mother of 2 beautiful daughters. She is a devoted Christian and enjoys spending time in the Word. In her spare time, when not spending time with her family, she can often be found watching a movie, she loves inspiring faith-based movies, or having a well deserved nap!


Jason Neal


My wife, Jenny, and I returned to Blenheim in 2007 to raise our young family and begin our journey of growing grapes in Marlborough. Good with numbers and likes a good spreadsheet, I also enjoy running and am a member of Marlborough Harriers. It is important for me that people feel connected and supported by their local community.


Kirsten Cowie


I’ve grown up in Blenheim and have been part of the Blenheim community most of my life; there are four generations of my family living here!  I’m happily married, a Mum to four kiddos, and a primary school teacher. I’ve enjoyed taking all my kids to Jump ‘n’ Jive and love seeing them dance around to the music. Always keen for an adventure, I’ve spent time as a youth group leader and have embarked on several different youth camps. I love the outdoors and enjoy being creative! Most of all, I have a heart for people.



Tautoko seeks to contribute positively and focus on the strengths of the community for long-term betterment (Asset Based Community Development).  We undertake initiatives with long-term commitment and follow-through. We promote holistic personal growth and value everyone’s gifts, abilities, and talents.

Commited to

We are committed to social justice and aim to confront injustice in a caring, compassionate way. We advocate for the vulnerable and we support initiatives that bring equity and opportunity in accordance with the Trust’s values.



Tautoko Community Trust is fortunate to receive grants from a variety of organizations, including the Rata Foundation, Pub Charity, Blue Door—Blenheim, Oasis Family Church, Marlborough District Council, and COG's.


Carmen Da Costa

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Tautoko Community
PO Box 916 Blenheim, 7240


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Registered charity:

Tautoko Community Trust is a registered charity in New Zealand.  Our NZ Companies Office number is 2552042 and our Charities Register number is CC47368.


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